Philipp Kolychev / born 1991, RU; lives and works in Prague, CZ /

It is important to articulate one's position on the subject of humanitarian crisis and environmental collapse.
I believe that the artist has a social responsibility to use the given position in the world to speak up and become an active agent of change. While dealing with the impact of recent social transformations I'm trying to use the power and influence that online cultures gave us, exploring the way our physical and virtual worlds are blurring and how this is affecting our sense of self and reality. A quest for balance between the digital and the real, the online and the offline.
Setting aside the individualism and identity politics that have trapped us in the past, I’m trying to create works that can be used as tools to raise awareness and create a sense of urgency.

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2013 ‒ 2019 Academy of fine arts Prague, Master of Fine Arts

2017 ‒ Jan Matejko Academy of fine arts Cracow

2011 ‒ 2013 Tertiary professional school of Wenceslaus Hollar Prague, Ineractive Graphics

2007 ‒ 2011 High School of Fine Arts Prague, Woodcarving


2023 ‒ Eternal Maze, 1 2 3 Gallery, Prague

2023 ‒ Rentoid Sanctuary, FAVU, Brno

2022 ‒ Fields in plural, Pragovka, Prague

2021 ‒  Savepoint ,UFF, Unithcov
2021 ‒  Damn Galgenberg, Olomouc

2020 ‒ Savage season, MEDIUM, Bratislava

2020 ‒ Cops 0.2, MŰTŐ, Budapest

2019 ‒ Spring is always doomed, LUME, Milano

2019 ‒ Send nukes, G18, Podebrady

2019 ‒ 4+4 days in motion - Fit for duty, Prague

2019 ‒ Leinemann Kunstpreis - Negative Realism, Czech Center, Berlin

2019 ‒ Cops, City Surfer Office, Prague

2018 ‒ Interregnum, Jelení, Prague

2018 ‒ Measuring Earth, TIC, Brno

2016 ‒ Clean Exhibition, GAVU, Prague

2015 ‒ Through and through, GAMU, Prague

2014 ‒ Art safari 28, Bubec studio, Prague

2012 ‒ Shutter, curtain, Psychiatric hospital Bohnice, Prague