Ultimate Spread Logics

The collaborative project with Filip Hauer, "The Ultimate Spread Logic," is a computer game that draws inspiration from the mechanics of a simple tarot spread. It delves into the intricate relationship between the spiritual and material realms, offering a critical examination of their interplay.
The name of our deck, "Ultimate Spread Logics," encompasses the symbolic logic employed in interpreting individual tarot cards and their interconnected meanings. Through these symbolic connections, players are compelled to explore affective interpretations. Our game's algorithm generates speculative patterns using speculative symbols, allowing players to glimpse random images of the future through procedural logic. This approach fosters a new therapeutic and affective bond with the future, utilizing real and cybernetic icons instead of magical ones. Embracing radical imagination, our project playfully critiques conservative politics and challenges the notion of reclaiming lost goals and means through magical thinking. We aim to symbolically return the power over technology to the public sphere. By combining new cards in our simulation, we confront anxieties surrounding past unfulfilled futures, paving the way for alternative possibilities.
video game